Targeted support services, as and when you need them

Case study 01

“Through the help of Spotzer for the Agency we no longer had to recruit web designers and additional copywriters. Their agile team supported many client projects from start to finish without any problems”

+50% profit margins and cutting costs on additional personnel



TYPE OF COMPANY : Digital marketing agency
OUTCOME: Increased profit margins by 50%
HEADQUARTER: Berlin, Germany
INDUSTRY Digital Marketing Services



Spotzer for Agency helped an established European marketing agency to overcome short-staffing issues and increase profit margins by 50%. With Spotzer for Agency to rely on, the client avoided having to scale their studio staffing levels and instead made significant savings.



The agency had begun to face myriad problems, as changes in management lead to staff turnover, while a number of remaining staff going on maternity leave exacerbated the resourcing issues. With fewer staff to meet demand, clients started to see long delays to their projects and understandably became unhappy. Under fire and lacking the staff needed to make up for the delays, the agency looked for outsourcing to stem the tide.



Spotzer for Agency were able to provide targeted support by picking up the overspill as and when required, quickly completing overdue work and helping to bring clients back on side. Over time, the lower staff numbers and efficient service from Spotzer for Agency meant that profit margins rose by 50%, making outsourcing a more profitable and sustainable long-term solution for the agency than re-hiring to previous staffing levels. It was the beginning of a long-standing partnership with our team, who were able to consistently deliver the outsourcing support required for the agency to maintain a lean and agile team.


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