Offer more to your clients with the right outsourcing partner

Increased profit margins by 85%.



TYPE OF COMPANY : Social media marketing agency
OUTCOME: Increased profit margins by 85%
HEADQUARTER: Barcelona, Spain
INDUSTRY: Marketing & Advertising



A modern social media agency soon began to find its limited offering was making clients look for agency support elsewhere, because they couldn’t offer the comprehensive service they wanted. After partnering with Spotzer for Agency, the social media specialists were able to expand their portfolio and provide a more complete set of solutions for clients, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction to 95% (measured by NPS).



The agency was great at providing cutting-edge tools for social media management and analysis, but clients understandably wanted more if they were going to use them as their single source of digital marketing services. With Spotzer for Agency’s web design and SEO expertise, the agency was able to deliver the added value their clients were looking for. The expanded offering saw existing clients stay with the agency and brought in more new business.



Integrating new services into your offering is always a challenge. It can involve hiring more staff to increase capacity, and undertaking extensive training. With Spotzer for Agency, the agency was able to quickly add more services for their clients without the time, effort and expense. As Spotzer Agency can provide a tailored solution that meets their business demands, they only paid for what they really needed and could keep costs down by outsourcing to Spotzer for Agency.


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