Make the most of your real-world reputation online

When you have been in business for over 25 years, those who know about you will usually have good things to say, but that doesn’t automatically translate into a strong online presence. That was the case for a well-established UK-based sustainable energy company with a great word-of-mouth reputation, who came to Spotzer for Agency looking for web and SEO support from our SEO Solutions. Despite their solid industry credentials, their website was showing at page 5 on Google, making them practically invisible online in SEO terms.


The SEO team at Spotzer for Agency did a full website audit to find any technical and content issues, after which a keyword research and competitor analysis was conducted. Their findings were collected in a strategy document. Firstly, they identified a set of strong keywords. Then, they ensured that 74 local and national online business directories had accurate data entries for the company and links to their website, whilst removing any spam links that pointed to it. This immediately helped to improve domain trust for the URL, a significant contributor to Google rankings.


Through thorough competitor analysis, the team found that similar businesses were not publishing blogs and identified this as a way that the company could add SEO-valueand create more content for their website, increasing opportunities for existing and new keywords to be ranking better. They then created a series of industry-relevant blog posts full of rich user-centred content, with titles such as:

  • 7 solar rebates & energy efficiency incentives in * Winchester, Hampshire
  • 5 options to finance your solar projects in *England
  • Cost of solar panel installation in *Winchester/Southampton
  • Cost of Solar power battery/storage in *UK

*All locations are fictional 

Finally, Spotzer for Agency made a range of technical improvements to optimise the user experience and boost search engine rankings by reducing script loading for faster page speed, and compressing oversized images.


The company received quarterly reports from Spotzer for Agency, with key recommendations for improvement. Within the first 6 months of the SEO, PLUS campaign, the website’s average position on Google went from 40 to 13, and saw a 45% increase in unique organic users.


Feedback from the client says their phone is ringing with potential customers! They are very happy with the results and are expanding their business into new areas. 

We offer a fully white-lable solution all our client details are changed to respect their privacy.